NABERS Energy and Water Ratings for Office Buildings

Doing a NABERS Energy and Water Rating for your office building is a great way to check how your building rates in terms of energy efficiency and water usage. This nationally recognised rating allows you to compare your building with other office buildings locally and across Australia.

The NABERS energy and water rating is also an effective way to baseline the efficiency of your energy and water usage of your building which can be used to compare outcomes of your energy and water conservation programs on an annual basis.

For those seeking a BEEC for their building, a NABERS energy rating is a primary requirement.

SaveUEnergy has experienced NABERS Energy and Water for Offices accredited assessors who can undertake energy and water ratings, and advise on ways and means of improving your NABERS ratings through the implementation of suitable conservation measures.

For more information on NABERS Energy and Water Ratings for Office Buildings, check out the NABERS website here.

Staff at SaveUEnergy are currently seeking accreditation for NABERS Energy and Water Ratings for Apartments and Shopping Centres. We anticipate being able to offer these services August 2018.